Sunday, November 28, 2010

What better way to kick this off than a Dream Tour show from Germany.
This is a nice DAT recording of the April 17th, 2000 show from Sporthalle in Hamburg. dw
Excellent setlist as with all Dream tour shows and including Faith as the final song of the night.

Please find the download link here:

Compressed into a zip file, the mp3s are encoded at 320k.

adagio for strings
out of this world, watching me fall, want, fascination street
open, the loudest sound, the kiss, maybe someday
shake dog shake, from the edge of the deep green sea, inbetween days
siamese twins, prayers for rain, one hundred years, end, 39, bloodflowers
m, play for today, just like heaven, a forest
there is no if, trust, plainsong, disintegration

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