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The Cure - Sacramento 2004-08-29 Last night of Curiosa

The Curiosa Festival
August 29th 2004
Arco Arena, Sacramento California

Download Links:

Lost, Plainsong, Labyrinth, Fascination Street, 
 From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea,  High
The End of the World Anniversary, Inbetween Days
Just Like Heaven, Pictures of You, Lullaby
Before Three, Alt.end, Disintegration
One Hundred Years, The Promise

Faith, Going Nowhere

Note: The Drowning Man and Charlotte Sometimes were listed for the encore, but not played.  :(

This one of going out by request. Someone wanted to hear Going Nowhere, and this was the best Going Nowhere of the tour. Alot of disappointments in this show, we thought it was going to be a better of longer setlist because it was the end, but it was the same minicure setlist as the rest of the tour.

 From the Sacramento Bee:

Review: Cure gives festival a welcome dose of good rockin'
By Chris Macias -- Bee Pop Music Critic

Curiosa Festival bands such as Mogwai, Interpol, Cursive and the Rapture probably will never come close to selling 1 million records. But a commercial juggernaut wasn't the point of Sunday's six-hour event.

Instead, Curiosa was a chance to discover some of alternative rock's best buzz bands, topped by a knockout set from The Cure.

The venues were Arco Arena's main stage and a "B" stage in the parking lot, where the 100-degree heat tested the functionality of all-black garb. The indoor concourse featured a "4-H" type of marketplace that's typical of alternative-rock festivals (henna tattoos, hair dye, head-shop wares and human rights booths).

But not all was ideal. Sunday's turnout for Curiosa was fairly dismal: 5,000, about one-third of the venue's capacity.

Curiosa still succeeded in bridging the alternative-rock generations. The crowd was balanced between aging hipsters and new-jack goths breaking in their "Creepers" shoes.

Musically, the show mixed progressive and arty sounds with touchstones from the past. The Cure's influence infused the younger bands, especially in the Robert Smith-like howl of Luke Jenner, singer for The Rapture. The Rapture's smart and funky brand of post-punk also referenced Konk, an underground dance band from the 1980s.

Interpol also performed a solid set that contained some Cure-isms, such as the dreamy guitar line in "Slow Hands." The band's mix of deadpan vocal delivery and edgy guitar jangle was further rooted in Joy Division, the long-defunct band that in turn influenced The Cure.

The revelation of Curiosa was ultimately in how powerful and relevant The Cure sounded in its headlining slot. The band might best be enjoyed by the flicker of a candle at 3 a.m., but at concert volume, it was easy to get swept away in The Cure's atmospherics and density.

"From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea," a tune from its 1992 "Wish" album, was a stunning swirl of guitars and keyboard. Its poppier hits, such as "Just Like Heaven" and "In Between Days," rang punchy as ever. "The End of the World," one of The Cure's new songs, also hit much harder live than the recorded version.

Despite the sonic doom and gloom, The Cure's Smith isn't really hopeless. He's actually a hopeless romantic who sings songs titled "Pictures of You" and "Just Like Heaven."

It wouldn't have been surprising if The Cure turned out a sluggish show. Sunday marked the festival's end, a time by which many bands are simply burned out.

Instead, The Cure bade farewell after a month on the road at peak powers.

Too bad The Cure's set ended on a plodding note with "Faith" and "Going Nowhere." For such an otherwise powerful set, this downer of a finale was the most curious part of Curiosa.

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The Cure - Live in Denver, June 5th 2000, Fiddlers Green Ampitheatre

June 5th, 2000, Fiddler's Green Ampitheatre, Greenwood VIllage CO

Coming somewhat full circle from last week's Denver Prayer Tour upload, 
up to the Denver Dream Tour. Both these tours were kinda linked in my mind 
because they both had amazing setlists, so I thought this would be a fantastic
compliment to last weeks Greenwood Village 1989 upload.

The sound on this one is amazing. A nearly perfect DAT recording of
one of the better setlists from this tour. Files taken from Second CD Copy of the Master tape.
Excellent sound and All Cats/Drowning/Faith encore!!

Download Links
NOTE: I had to split the FLAC version into two parts because it was too large



2000-06-05 - 354.0 MB

Adagio for Strings, Out Of This World, Watching Me Fall
Want, Fascination St., Open, The Loudest Sound, Maybe Someday
 Like Cockatoos, Edge Of The Deep Green Sea, Inbetween Days 
Sinking, Prayers For Rain, One Hundred Years, End, 
 39, Bloodflowers

There Is No If, Trust, Plainsong, Disintegration 
All Cats Are Gray, The Drowning Man, Faith 
Lovesong, Play For Today, Just Like Heaven, A Forest

Reviews Thanks to Craig's COF Archives 

A fantastic show!  This was my 7th show since 1989 and, in all honesty, this was the best I've experienced.  The  band played a great set, as you see above.  Highlights included Plainsong, 100 Years, A Forest, All Cats Are Grey,  Faith, and a brilliant verison of Like Cockatoos.  The band sounded great on both the new and older material. 
Robert's voice is in top form and Jason is much improved on drums since I last saw the band in 1997.  Robert, by the way, got a bit emotional during a couple songs and he seemed to look longingly out at the crowd each time  he exited the stage.  The crowd of about 13,000 (just a guess) was enthusiastic, although they didn't seem quite as 
familiar with some of the early material.  The show would have benefited from a more creative and interesting light/visual show, but that is a minor flaw and can be easily overlooked considering the terrific music that the band played for nearly 3 hours. 
By Andrew Figel

 The fire's not out yet - Cure concert keeps crowd at Fiddler's on its feet

                   By Eric L. Reiner 
                   Special to The Denver Post

                   June 7, 2000 - "The fire is almost out," Robert Smith of the Cure sang late in Monday's show at Fiddler's Green.

                   The lyric, from a song on the Cure's new "Bloodflowers" CD, wasn't so much a hint that the concert was nearly over as it was an announcement to fans that Smith, now 40, is thinking of throwing in the towel after more than 20 years as a musical icon. But regardless of what Smith intimated about the creative flames within him dying, he and the Cure staged a stellar concert that had the crowd on its feet all night, starting with the standing ovation that greeted the English band when it took the stage.

                   Known for dark music and darker lyrics, the band members were all in black. Smith showed up wearing semi-ghoulish white makeup and heavy black eyeliner, plus, of course, his trademark red lipstick and black bird's nest hair. (The crowd was fashionable, too; many wore leather/punkish clothes and hair dyed deep red, vampire purple, burgundy and other colors.)

                   Smith didn't have to say much to get his followers to cheer -"thank you" after a song was usually sufficient. And when he introduced a number by saying it's "from the 'Kiss Me' album"(referring to the 1987 album that made the Cure huge in the U.S.), the crowd roared before Smith even had a chance to name thetune. (It turned out to be the odd "Like Cockatoos," whichfeatured funky tropical-forest percussion sounds.)

                   Although Smith is decidedly the center of attention, other members of the Cure deserve honorable mention. Bassist Simon Gallup moved more than anyone else onstage, often bouncing as he played and incessantly roaming around, while guitarist Perry Bamonte made trippy, Pink Floyd-esque sounds on "39" and played a glitter guitar on pop-oriented numbers like "Fascination Street." Drummer Jason Cooper looked like he drove the band on one especially danceable, shake-you-in-your-spot selection, but it was hard to be sure: The Cure used plenty of effects to create their droning, hypnotic mix of beat, rhythm and texture. In fact, keyboardist Roger O'Donnell frequently stood several feet from his instrument (making it obvious that he wasn't playing it), and Gallup and Bamonte occasionally held their axes to the side, also clearly not playing, as if to fully disclose that more music was being produced onstage than there were musicians.

                   But so what if the band used backing tracks and other effects? The Cure rocked and sounded lush, full and big while doing it. 

An interesting sub-theme to the outdoor show was the change from daylight to darkness. The sunshine at the start of the concert didn't necessarily diminish the effectiveness of the band's sometimes somber music, but it did wash out the strobe lights on the show's second number. However, after night fell, a bevy of flashing white lights aided the relentless beat of "100 Years." Dance-club-style lighting revved up the highly rhythmic "A Forest," the show closer.

                   There was an overarching structure to the set list, by the way.

                   The main set began with the first two songs from the "Bloodflowers" album and ended with the last two tracks from it, while the encores were built around loose themes. The second encore, for example, included numbers that Smith said "we don't play very much," like "All Cats Are Grey" and "The Drowning Man." And the third (and final) encore was loaded with such fast-paced, fun tunes as "Lovesong" and "Just Like Heaven." The concert clocked in just shy of the 3-hour mark, lasting right up to Fiddler's 10:30 p.m. curfew. Now that shows Smith still has plenty of fire.

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Interpol - Webster Hall, NYC 2005-10-02 Antics Finale

Interpol - ANTICS Tour
Final Show, Live in NYC 10/02/2005

Thought there might be some Interpol fans among us,
and wanted to share this recording of an monumental gig.

This was the night where it all came to a peak.
The homecoming. The end of a long road of incredible shows.
The celebration of the best tour, of the best *new* band.


MP3 Version

October 2nd 2005 - Webster Hall, NYC, NY

Intro, Next Exit, SLow Hands, NARC, A Time to be So Small
Say Hello to the Angels, Public Pervert, Not Even Jail
Leif Erikson, Evil, Obstacle One, Take You on a Cruise
PDA intro, PDA...
Untitled, Stella was a Diver and she was Always Down, ROLAND

This night was intense, the show was intense. Words can not describe....
If you were there, you know what I mean.

I also have the Boom Bip set (opening band) from this night if anyone is interested??

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The Cure Live in Dundee Scotland 1992-04-23

The Cure
Wish Tour Warmup, April 23rd 1992
 Carird Hall, Dundee Scotland

March 19th 1992, One month before the Wish release (21st of April 1992)
The Cure Announced a short string of UK dates in very small venues, beginning on release date, and ending on the 3rd of May with the now somewhat famous National Ballroom show in London. 
This is the third date of that short Wish "warmup" Club Tour. Excellent sounding audience recording, transfered directly from the master tape. Very nice early version of those epic 92 Forests. Good Times...

Download Links: - 753.5 MB

23.04.1992 Caird Hall, Dundee - 248.3 MB

Tape, Open, High,  Pictures of You, Lullaby
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Just Like Heaven
Apart, A Night Like This, Friday I'm in Love
Inbetween Days, The Walk, Let's go to Bed
Doing the Unstuck, Fascination Street, Never Enough
Cut, End

In Your House, Charlotte Sometimes, Boys Don't Cry
Three Imaginary Boys, A strange Day, A Forest

Additional Lyrics to A Forest:

Others take her eyes 
Always seemed the way you want me to be
Never say the word
Another day by inspires
I feel the way you want me to
Never say the word
Please come back to me
Please come back to me
Please come back to me
Please come back to me
Please come back to me
Please come back to me
Come back to me

Not sure what is up next.
If anyone has any requests, feel free to get in touch.

The Cure - Live in Neu-Isenburg, Germany 1982-05-21 Hugenottenhalle

The Cure
The Pornography tour, May 21st, 1982
Neu Isenburg Germany, Hugenottenhalle

Download Links:

Cure Neu-Isenburg - 564.3 MB

Cure Neu-ISENBURG - 175.3 MB

Something older today. Pornography Tour.
This is the audience recording, great sound for a cassette this old.
Very clear loud and powerful. Well preserved.
No tape degradation, speed, hiss issues.
Missing: Hanging Garden, 1015, KAA, AllMine.
Complete Otherwise.

The Figurehead, M, The Drowning Man, A Short term Effect
Cold, Charlotte Sometimes, At Night, Three Imaginary Boys
Primary, Siamese Twins, Splintered in Her Had
One Hundred Years, Play for Today
A Strange Day, A Forest, PORNOGRAPHY

Cold and Pornography are brilliant live as always.
Wish I was a fan in time to have seen this tour
and have had the chance to have heard some of
these songs live in 82.

Enjoy, some Wish tour goodies up later today hopefully!

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The Cure - Live in Birmingham 1996-12-16, NEC, Last night of Swing Tour, FABULOUS Faith!

Last night of the Swing Tour 
December 16th 1996, Birmingham

Thinking about the Swing Tour and realized the last date was 14 years ago (!!!) today.
So dug this one out... This is a close to perfect sounding audience recording, of a fantastic setlist.
Listening to this reminds me why I loved this tour so much.
The version of Faith is immense slow and beautiful. 

Due to much time constraints and connection speed today, the FLAC version is not uploaded yet. I will try and get that up through the night.
The soundcheck is included in a separate untracked file.

Download Links: - 345.7 MB

4-01 Soundcheck.mp3 - 84.8 MB

Plainsong, Want, Club America, Fascination Street, Lullaby
the Blood, This is a Lie, Dressing Up, The Walk
Just Like HEaven, Mint Car, Strange Attraction, COLD
Never Enough, Trap, Treasure, Prayers for Rain
From the Edge of the deep green sea, Bare, Disintegration

Lovesong, Gone!, Firday I'm in Love, Why Can't I Be You?
Charlotte Sometimes, Faith
Subway Song, Grinding Halt, Play for Today, Boys don't cry
10:15 Saturday Night, Killing an Arab

Six Different Ways, M, Piggy in the Mirror, Trust
Faith, Foxy Lady, Like Cockatoos, Gone!
You Really Got Me, Mission Impossible, Theme
Plainsong, The Same Deep Water as You
One More Time, Untitled

Faith Lyrics, 1996-12-16 Birmingham NEC
"I have one piece in mind after this cause we haven't done it for so long. This is called Faith." 

She stands beside me, and I ask her: "Is anything wrong ?"
What does... she say
One look and she knew, Say you've got the look he had.
So sad I could never...
She still looks at me and says: "and carry me out of this place"
I know she......
Wipes it away and says: "I'll be... alright"
How do you feel ?
So I carry her out of the wedding
Happiest day of my life
So much love
Starting again
All over again

There's nothing left but faith



Not news, not really even relevant to this blog until it's recorded, I know, really just put this here for my own amusement, because I am FUCKING EXCITED!!!!

It has been way too long since Vegas/Coachella



We’ve been itching to tell you this, so we’re deliriously happy that the time has finally come to unveil the very first wave of acts for Bestival 2011 and by crikey are we excited.

Yes! One of the most influential bands around, The Cure will be crossing the Solent to join us at the festival season’s last hurrah for their only European show of 2011! From their debut album ‘Three Imaginary Boys’ to 2008s critically acclaimed ‘4:13 Dream’, The Cure has inspired countless bands in the last three decades and whilst most of their contemporaries have fallen by the pop wayside they remain as relevant and vibrant as ever. As one of the Bestival crew’s collective favourite bands of all time, we’re all jumping for joy that The Cure is coming to the party to headline Saturday night at Bestival. September really can’t come quickly enough for us.

A gleeful Rob da Bank says: 'I’ve spent the last twenty years of my life listening to The Cure and the last five attempting to persuade Robert Smith and the crew to hop on a ferry to our magical Isle. I'm still not sure what we've done right but I'm overjoyed that they are coming as Saturday night headliners. Few bands have had such a massive impact on my life (and hairstyles) so I’ll see you down the front!'

Iconic Cure frontman Robert Smith commented: "I am delighted and excited that The Cure's only European festival performance in 2011 will be at Bestival… We will do all we can to help make it a weekender to remember!"

Topping this year’s Best Major Festival Award winning show will be no mean feat but Rob da Bank and the ever-trusty Besti-crew have left no stone unturned to make our 2011 show even better than ever ensuring that Bestival will be the festival for music lovers! Bestival’s eighth outing - taking place at Robin Hill Country Park on the Isle of Wight from the 8th to the 11th of September 2011 - is all set to be truly legendary. And here’s why!

Fresh from their triumphant Olympia gigs we can announce that the mighty Primal Scream will be presenting their landmark album ‘Screamadelica’ in its entirety, headlining the Big Top on Saturday night.  ‘Screamadelica’ transformed the musical landscape in the early 90s and with the band’s current run of shows celebrating the album completely sold out this is a golden chance to catch a pioneering band performing their meisterwerk in all its coruscating glory. The legends keep on coming for Bestival 2011, with former Beach Boys kingpin Brian Wilson set to bring his baroque surf-pop to Robin Hill. Brian’s song writing prowess and production ingenuity has made him one of the most deeply revered figures in pop music and one of the most influential composers of the 20th Century.  With a litany of timeless hits that can’t fail to ignite the main stage crowd, it’s a complete honour to have him onboard.

With the big hitters lining up thick and fast, Bestival’s reputation as the place to catch the freshest, best and most exciting music all spread across 14 stages continues with a host of acts, both old and new, currently causing a stir, including bass futurists Magnetic Man. The super-group that has brought Dubstep culture to the mainstream, Artwork, Benga and Skream will be unleashing a speaker smashing, rug cutting assault for your pleasure. Swedish chanteuse Robyn will be bringing her blend of pop nous and electro cool to the party. Described by the Guardian as the missing link between Abba and Orbital, Robyn’s boundless energy is sure to be infectious. The blogosphere’s biggest band right now Crystal Castles will deliver their synth punk stylings like only they can.  Currently riding high with their ‘Not In Love’ single in collaboration with Robert Smith, Crystal Castles are at the top of their game ands an unmissable live act.

Fat beat brilliance at Bestival will come in the form of DJ Shadow who is currently slaying audiences on his Live from the Shadowsphere tour. DJ Shadow has consistently blown us away, so we really can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for us. Bass-heavy Techno purveyors LFO will be on hand for some heads down action. One of Sheffield’s greatest exports LFO mainman Mark Bell keeps on pushing the envelope, so expect some proper heavy frequencies.  Syrian superstar Omar Souleyman will be unleashing his ecstatic vibes, wild arpeggios and soaring synths on an unsuspecting crowd, the UK’s most exciting new pop star Katy B will be on a mission with added soul and bass, glitch-rockers 65daysofstatic will perform a live film score, Portsmouth’s finest Cranes will be playing their dadaphonic future songs,  Berlin wunderkind Boys Noize will be cutting up the digital mayhem, Diplo will be smashing together eclectic rhythms for maximum impact, the youngest ever DJ to win a World DJ Battle Championship, A-Trak will be terrorising the turntables and Norman Jay will be bringing the good times like only he can.

Hip Hop stalwart and all round party starter Grandmaster Flash will be rocking some dope beats, illustrious reggae and dancehall selector David Rodigan will be dropping the irresistible riddims, 2 Bears featuring Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard will be turn loose the burly beats, DJ Mehdi and Riton’s Carte Blanche project will supply the weekend weaponry, minimalist techno don Pantha du Prince will be rolling out the low end acid-throb and just to keep the Bestival flavours brewing the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain will return to wow one and all.

There are still plenty more stellar acts to be announced, including two more headliners, plus there will be lashings of trademark Bestival off-the-wall behaviour with merriment, magic, mayhem and plenty of lovely tea and cakes. We’ve listened to all the feedback from you and have made a few little tweaks so that there will be some changes to the wondrous landscape of the UKs most creative festival courtesy of Josie da Bank’s eye-catching expertise that are going to make Bestival 2011 the greatest show on Earth! So what are you waiting for?

Commenting on Bestival 2011 Rob da Bank added: 'This year felt like a landmark year for Bestival. There's no avoiding the fact that we've become a large festival but I still feel we're more intimate than any of the other shows our size and, crucially, we're 100% independent. That means we book who we want to book, choose all the food stalls and traders ourselves and listen to our messageboards and fans 365 days a year to make sure we keep Bestival the best. Things we're focussing on for Bestival 2011 are keeping Besti as the place to see new bands, making the campsites much more of a community with better roadways to clear litter and make finding your tent easier, we're also starting to put stages at the other end of the site so it’s not just one long tunnel of stages. Hope you can make it in 2011!'

Remember to keep checking for all the latest action.

Ticket Info: / 0844 888 4410

Ticket only or ticket and ferry packages:  / 0844 844 9988 / 0871 376 1000

Adult Weekend Ticket (inc. camping) - £160

Student Weekend Ticket (inc. camping) - £150
Age 13 to 15 Weekend Ticket (inc. camping) - £80

Age 12 and Under Weekend Ticket (inc. camping) - FREE (but you must obtain a ticket)**

Campervan Tickets: £65 (per vehicle)

All Tickets:
- include camping.
- will incur a booking fee.
- there are No Day Tickets.

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The Cure Live September 4th 1989, Denver/Greenwood Village CO, Fiddlers Green Ampitheatre *EXCELLENT**

The Prayer Tour Live from Greenwood VIllage CO
September 4th 1989
Fiddler's Green Ampitheatre

Dug this one out of the archives today and was really really impressed on the sound of this.
Deff one of the better sounding Prayer Tour audio documents. 
Clear and full, really really nice! Nice to revisit this one.

Download Link(s): - 297.8 MB - 864.6 MB

Plainsong, Pictures of you, Closedown, Piggy in The Mirror
A Night Like This, Just Like Heaven, Last Dance
Fascination Street, Lovesong, Charlotte Sometimes
The Walk, A Forest, Inbetween Days
The Same Deep Water as you, Disintegration
Lullaby, Close to me, Let's go to Bed, Why Can't I Be You
Homesick, Untitled, A Strange Day
Three IMaginary Boys, Boys dont Cry, 1015SN, Killing an Arab

The Cure - Live in St Louis, June 7th 2000, Riverport Ampitheatre

St Louis Dream Tour!
June 7th 2000
Riverport Ampitheatre

Download Link:

Out of this World, Watching me Fall, Want, Fascination Street, Pictures of you, Lovesong
The Last Day of Summer, Maybe Someday, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
Inbetween days, The Snakepit, Shake dog Shake, Siamese Twins, One Hundred Years
Thirty Nine, Bloodflowers
Jupiter Crash, M, Play for Today, Just like Heaven, A Forest
Cold, A Strange Day, Pornography
Boy's Don't Cry, 1015SN, Killing an Arab

EXCELLENT audience recording, superb sound.

On a sidenote, I need the Kiss Me x3 font for mac, if anyone has it or can direct me to a link (ive googled with no luck) I would appreciate it, Thanx!

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The Cure - Wembley Arena - December 9th 1987

The Cure Live at Wembley Arena December 9th 1987
Final show of the Kissing Tour.
The third of three sold out nights, epic.

Very good audience recording.

Download Link: - 356.6 MB

Setlist for this recording:
Eyemou, The Kiss, Torture, A Strange Day, Play for Today, Catch, Just Like Heaven
The Blood, Other Voices, A Night Like This, Kyoto Song, Like Cockatoos
The Walk, Inbetween Days, The Perfect Girl, The Snakepit
One Hundred Years, A Forest, Fight
Encore one:
The Lovecats, Let's go to Bed, Why Can't I Be You
Encore Two:
The Drowning Man, Charlotte Sometimes, Faith
Encore Three:
Three IMaginary Boys, Primary, Boys don't cry, Shiver and shake
Encore four:
At Night, 1015 Saturday Night, Killing an Arab
Pornography, Merry Christmas!

Big Thanks to:
the cure concerts guide
for the Advert scan above and all the setlist resources through the years.

THE CURE - Glastonbury Festival - June 21st 1986 - PRE-FM Vinyl

This is a really good sounding recording transfered directly from the Vinyl used for the FM Broadcasts.
Short but sweet, incredible sound, and a good selection of songs.

Download Links: - 334.6 MB - 119.0 MB

Charlotte Sometimes
A Strange Day
Kyoto Song
Inbetween Days
The Walk
A Night Like This
A Forest
Close to Me
Let's go to Bed

The Cure - Glastonbury Festival - June 23rd 1990

The 1990 Glastonbury Festival. 
June 23rd, Pilton, Worthy Farm UK

The audio is from the bootleg "never enough". This is a fantastic sounding soundboard recording of an excellent show. Truly a document of the band at it's peak. Nothing more I can say. Post prayer tour, pre wish tour goodness.

Download Links Below: - 696.0 MB - 226.2 MB

Setlist/Disc contents:
Shake Dog Shake, A Strange Day, A Night Like This, Catch, Pictures of You
Fascination Street, Lullaby, Dressing Up, The Same Deep Water as You
Lament, Just Like Heaven, The Walk, Primary, Inbetween Days
A Forest, Disintegration, Close to Me, Let's go to Bed, Why Can't I be You
10:15 Saturday Night, Killing an Arab, Never Enough


Monday, December 13, 2010

Great Swing Tour Video, Live footage, Interview, and Documentary on the lighting

- The Cure - 
The Swing Tour
 Live In Las Vegas
Friday August 9th 1996

Found this today in another box of achived cure crap.
This is a very interesting broadcast from the Las Vegas Swing tour show.
Has several parts, I split it into two files.
Not really your typical Cure broadcast.....

  • Part of it is an Interview with Robert.
  • Another part of it is an Interview with the Lighting Company who did the light production for the Swing Tour.
  • The live footage was filmed August 9th 1996 at the Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas NV.
  • Songs broadcasted include: Club America, Want, Inbetween Days, Disintegration, and Treasure.

Download links:

Vegas1996P1.mp4 - 196.1 MB

Vegas1996P2.mp4 - 196.9 MB

Screenshots below:

The Cure - Mexico City 2004 - Night 2 - Video

Here is a 2 part video of the second night in Mexico City 2004.

Amazing show. That incredible scene during Faith with all the lighters is captured on the second part.

It is not the complete show, but amounts to about two hours of footage.

But it was when they played Faith when a magical moment occurred. In Mexico we use to turn on our lighters in “slow” songs, following the drum beats (such as you can see in U2’s Pop Mart in Mexico DVD when Bono says “lights of… lights on”, I think it was when they played “I still haven’t found…”). And this time we did it again. It’s difficult to describe, but it’s like if thousand of stars were glowing inside the place. Robert and the guys were thrilled, I can tell you that. I don’t know if they have seen anything like this before, but they seemed astonished. At the end of the song, Roger finished his part and stand aside the stage just to see for a few moments this spectacle. He excited, with this big smile on his face such as a little kid when he’s looking a big candy or so. Incredible. Robert seemed also surprised, I even can tell he was shocked, stunned. "

Thanks to Craig and his COF Archive for this old review and the picture above.

Download Links Below:

Mexico City 2004 Video Part One

Mexico City 2004 Video Part Two

Click the thumbnail for Screenshots blow:

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The Cure - May 31st Greek Theatre, Los Angeles CA

05.31.2000 - The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles CA, Night two, Dream tour

California Cure shows are always special, and 99% of the time blow away the performances anywhere else in the USA. This one was absolutely no exception. It surpassed my expectations and was one of the best shows I've been too. The encores were fantastic, the band was on, was a great night and will remain one of the great memories of the dream tour for me.

Download Links:



This upload is by request. This is a very nice sounding recording of an Amazing show.
The MP3s are encoded at 320k, The FLACs are encoded at level 6.


Out Of This World, Watching Me Fall, Want, Fascination St., Open, The Last Day of Summer, Where the Birds Always Sing, Maybe Someday, Shake Dog Shake, The Snakepit, Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Inbetween Days, The Kiss, Siamese Twins, 100 Years, 39, Bloodflowers
1st encore: Cold, Like Cockatoos, A Strange Day, Pornography
2nd encore: All Cats Are Grey, Faith
3rd encore: Lovesong, Just Like Heaven, Boys Don't Cry, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing An Arab.

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The Cure and Ray Cokes - Friday I'm in Love - December 15, 1995

Found this on an old dvd, funnier than anything.
Ray Cokes playing guitar on FIIL with the band.
From MTV Most Wanted Dec 15 1995

Saturday, December 11, 2010

17.11.1996 Praha - Sportovni Hala - Prima Broadcast

Interview with Robert and live footage from the November 17th 1996 Praha Show.
Some songs broadcasted include Plainsong, Want,  Club America, A Night Like This

Thanks to for the picture, and the setlist coverage throughout the years!

Download links:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three


The Cure - September 6th, 1996 - Lakewood Ampitheatre, Atlanta GA

More Swing Tour goodness. This is by request for Kent, his fitst Cure show! Listening to this brought back good memories of this tour, I really miss the swing tour and dream tour cure.......
Fantastic version of Boys Don't Cry with completely different lyrics. Set includes Charlotte Sometimes, Strange Day,  and other goodies. Show closes with Faith.
A nice sounding audio recording, a little bassy through the laptop, but sounds exxxxxcellent through big speakers loud.
MP3s encoded @ 320k & tagged in iTunes.
FLACs encoded at level 6 with no tagging,

Download Links right below:

September 6th 1996 - Lakewood Ampitheatre

Want, Club America, Fascination Street, Lullaby, High, 
This is a Lie Lovesong, Just Like Heaven, Jupiter Crash, 
Round and Round and Round, Catch, Friday I'm in Love, Charlotte Sometimes, Strange Sttraction, Mint Car
Like Cockatoos, Return, Treasure, Trap, Prayers for Rain, Inbetween Days, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, 
Bare, Disintegration
Hot HOt Hot, Lets go to Bed, Close to me, Why Can't I be You
A Strange Day, Boy's don't cry, 1015 Saturday Night

Next up will be the 11.17.96 Praha TV Broadcast, and then by request the second night at the  Greek Theatre Dream Tour.

If anyone has any photos from this show, and would like to share them here, send me a message.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Cure - October 29th, Festhalle, Frankfurt Germany

The Cure - 29/10/1987 - Frankfurt Germany, Festhalle

Eyemou, The Kiss, Torture, All I Want, A Japanese Dream, Catch
Just like Heaven, Hot Hot Hot!!!, If Only Tonight we can Sleep
Like Cockatoos, The Walk, Inbetween Days, How Beautiful You Are
The Perfect Girl, The Snakepit, A forest, Fight

Close to me, Lets go to Bed, 
One More Time, Charlotte Sometimes, Shiver and Shake
Three Imaginary Boys, Primary, Boy's Don't Cry, Why can't I be you

Very good sound on this one. Way above average for 80s technology.

Please find the download links below.
MP3s are encoded at 320k and tagged in iTunes.
Wav files were tagged in Itunes as well, and FLAC files encoded at level 6.

MP3 Version (256MB)

FLAC Version (763MB)

Enjoy, any requests, let me know.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

What better way to kick this off than a Dream Tour show from Germany.
This is a nice DAT recording of the April 17th, 2000 show from Sporthalle in Hamburg. dw
Excellent setlist as with all Dream tour shows and including Faith as the final song of the night.

Please find the download link here:

Compressed into a zip file, the mp3s are encoded at 320k.

adagio for strings
out of this world, watching me fall, want, fascination street
open, the loudest sound, the kiss, maybe someday
shake dog shake, from the edge of the deep green sea, inbetween days
siamese twins, prayers for rain, one hundred years, end, 39, bloodflowers
m, play for today, just like heaven, a forest
there is no if, trust, plainsong, disintegration