Sunday, December 19, 2010

Interpol - Webster Hall, NYC 2005-10-02 Antics Finale

Interpol - ANTICS Tour
Final Show, Live in NYC 10/02/2005

Thought there might be some Interpol fans among us,
and wanted to share this recording of an monumental gig.

This was the night where it all came to a peak.
The homecoming. The end of a long road of incredible shows.
The celebration of the best tour, of the best *new* band.


MP3 Version

October 2nd 2005 - Webster Hall, NYC, NY

Intro, Next Exit, SLow Hands, NARC, A Time to be So Small
Say Hello to the Angels, Public Pervert, Not Even Jail
Leif Erikson, Evil, Obstacle One, Take You on a Cruise
PDA intro, PDA...
Untitled, Stella was a Diver and she was Always Down, ROLAND

This night was intense, the show was intense. Words can not describe....
If you were there, you know what I mean.

I also have the Boom Bip set (opening band) from this night if anyone is interested??

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