Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Cure - Live in Birmingham 1996-12-16, NEC, Last night of Swing Tour, FABULOUS Faith!

Last night of the Swing Tour 
December 16th 1996, Birmingham

Thinking about the Swing Tour and realized the last date was 14 years ago (!!!) today.
So dug this one out... This is a close to perfect sounding audience recording, of a fantastic setlist.
Listening to this reminds me why I loved this tour so much.
The version of Faith is immense slow and beautiful. 

Due to much time constraints and connection speed today, the FLAC version is not uploaded yet. I will try and get that up through the night.
The soundcheck is included in a separate untracked file.

Download Links: - 345.7 MB

4-01 Soundcheck.mp3 - 84.8 MB

Plainsong, Want, Club America, Fascination Street, Lullaby
the Blood, This is a Lie, Dressing Up, The Walk
Just Like HEaven, Mint Car, Strange Attraction, COLD
Never Enough, Trap, Treasure, Prayers for Rain
From the Edge of the deep green sea, Bare, Disintegration

Lovesong, Gone!, Firday I'm in Love, Why Can't I Be You?
Charlotte Sometimes, Faith
Subway Song, Grinding Halt, Play for Today, Boys don't cry
10:15 Saturday Night, Killing an Arab

Six Different Ways, M, Piggy in the Mirror, Trust
Faith, Foxy Lady, Like Cockatoos, Gone!
You Really Got Me, Mission Impossible, Theme
Plainsong, The Same Deep Water as You
One More Time, Untitled

Faith Lyrics, 1996-12-16 Birmingham NEC
"I have one piece in mind after this cause we haven't done it for so long. This is called Faith." 

She stands beside me, and I ask her: "Is anything wrong ?"
What does... she say
One look and she knew, Say you've got the look he had.
So sad I could never...
She still looks at me and says: "and carry me out of this place"
I know she......
Wipes it away and says: "I'll be... alright"
How do you feel ?
So I carry her out of the wedding
Happiest day of my life
So much love
Starting again
All over again

There's nothing left but faith

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