Monday, December 13, 2010

Great Swing Tour Video, Live footage, Interview, and Documentary on the lighting

- The Cure - 
The Swing Tour
 Live In Las Vegas
Friday August 9th 1996

Found this today in another box of achived cure crap.
This is a very interesting broadcast from the Las Vegas Swing tour show.
Has several parts, I split it into two files.
Not really your typical Cure broadcast.....

  • Part of it is an Interview with Robert.
  • Another part of it is an Interview with the Lighting Company who did the light production for the Swing Tour.
  • The live footage was filmed August 9th 1996 at the Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas NV.
  • Songs broadcasted include: Club America, Want, Inbetween Days, Disintegration, and Treasure.

Download links:

Vegas1996P1.mp4 - 196.1 MB

Vegas1996P2.mp4 - 196.9 MB

Screenshots below:


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  2. What's wrong with

    Obviously I'm not downloading anything because I'm ripping these all from discs.

    I only downloaded a few porn vids a few times from uploading and had no problems, but than again very little experience with their downloads at the same time... so I do appreciate the feedback.

    I like it because it had ftp based uploading, http based uploading is such a pain in the ass.. That's really the main reason I went with them.