Monday, May 9, 2011

1980-04-20 Boston - The Underground

Another show to reflect upon.
The Cure live in Boston, MA (AKA Allston, MA)
April 20th 1980, The Underground.

This is a soundboard recording and the mix is very nice.
Quality needless to say is EXCELLENT.

Seventeen Seconds, Play for Today, Three Imaginary Boys, 
Fire in Cairo, Grinding Halt, In Your House, 
Subway Song, M, 1015 Saturday Night, Accuracy
At Night, Boys dont Cry, Jumping Someone Elses Train
Another Journey by Train, A Forest, Plastic Passion
Killing an Arab, Secrets, Seventeen Seconds*

*Second version of 17 seconds sung with completely different lyrics.
"Twenty One Years, A Measure of Life..."

Download links below:
Typo on my part this show is 1980 NOT 1981, 
please change it after you've downloaded to not add any confusion.
Alot of legends about this show....
Read some of the stories below:::
(thanks to and for the words below)

from 'Ten Imaginary Years':
Robert: "My 21st birthday happened in Boston and after the gig, Bill and the four of us got taken to some art media event by this guy who was making a video of us. We had some drugs. I remember a TV and a set of homemade videos and we got bored and insisted this bloke drove us back to our hotel so he took us in his Beetle - the five of us and his girlfriend!"

"It was a little cramped so i got out and sat on the bonnet - it was about five in the morning so we thought we'd take the risk. Bill then decided to drive and went the wrong way round a roundabout without thinking. When he realised it, of course, he just kept on going round, laughing insanely and then he got hysterical, got a flat, slewed across the road and i fell of the bonnet."
"I tried to change the wheel - I don't know why I was doing it - but I couldn't understand why the hubcap wouldn't go back on so I started kicking it, and it was only a few seconds later, when the pain suddenly reached my brain, that i realised the reason the hub cap wouldn't go back on was because my thumb was traped underneath it. I'd just reduced it to pulp!"

"After that we drove to New York overnight but ended up in Cape Cod because Bill had taken a wrong turn! We eventually arrived at the airport just in time to catch the plane to get back to London for Top Of The Pops." 

A few hours from Robert's birthday. The show was filmed by local art students. On the last encore, Robert Smith played some chords from Object to please somebody in the audience requesting the song. He also improvised the lyrics on Seventeen Seconds (from the encore) refering to his own birthday ! "21 years / A measure of life". The song was also dedicated to Mission Of Burma (on the same bill).

The odd facts of the night were the problems with delay pedals on 10:15 Saturday Night and especially on A Forest vocals, the echo not fading at all. After the show, Robert broke his thumb while changing a van's wheel on the way to the airport !

from 'A Visual Documentary':
21 APRIL 1980
The Underground Club, Boston. It is Robert's 21st birthday, and to celebrate, the band come on stage almost an hour and a half late. Robert then breaks his thumb changing the wheel on the van on the way to the airport. 


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