Monday, May 9, 2011

1981-06-23 Arnhem, Netherlands - Evenementen-terrein bij de Rijnhal

The Cure live in Arnhem Netherlands
 Evenementen-terrein bij de Rijnhal 
June 23rd 1981 - The Picture Tour

This is an EXCELLENT quality recording of one of the earlier dates of the picture tour.
Little something to get you ready for the reflections show :)
This is digitized from a first generation tape, and the quality shows that.
The master must've been insane, because even the first gen sounds incredible.

The Holy Hour, In Your House, The Drowning Man, 
10:15 Saturday Night, Accuracy. The Funeral Party
M, Primary, Other Voices, All Cats Are Grey,
Three IMaginary, Boys, At Night
Fire in Cairo, Play for Today
A Forest, Faith

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FLAC Disc 2:

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  1. Hi, link for FLAC Disc 2 is dead. Is it possible a re-up? Thanks & salads.