Friday, April 29, 2011

The Cure Live in Sydney, October 15th 2000

In celebration of todays rumors here is something from '00
This is the second night live in Sydney, Australian Dream Tour
October 15th 2000, Sydney Entertainment Centre


The quality on this one is good, but not great.
On the other hand it is the best out there for Sydney 2000.

out of this world, watching me fall, want, fascination street
the last day of summer, if only tonight we could sleep
pictures of you, shake dog shake, where the birds always sing
from the edge of the deep green sea, inbetween days
the snakepit, sinking, one hundred years
prayers for rain, 39, bloodflowers
cold, the figurehead, pornography
m, play for today, just like heaven, a forest
jupiter crash, love song, boys don't cry
10:15 saturday night, killing an arab

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