Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Cure Live in Bordeaux France, July 3rd 1989

The Prayer Tour - 3rd of July 1989
Pantinoire de Meriadec - Bordeaux France
 July 3rd brought the Prayer Tour into France for a seven nights in the country.
Some spectacular like the two nights at bercy, some not so great like reims.
Bordeaux gave us a drunk talkative Robert and another excellent show.
No Faith encore, but the appearance of It's not you and Accuracy was nice.
Show ended with an extended Untitled with extra lyrics, also includes a 
fantastic, as always, Same Deep Water As you and another drunken wild 
extended Why Can't Be you, introduced as "Soft white bread inside my head" !

This is a very good quality audience recording digitized from the master tapes.

Download links below:

Plainsong, Pictures of You, Closedown, Kyoto Song
A Night Like This, Just Like Heaven, Last Dance
Fascination Street, Cold, Charlotte Sometimes, The Walk
A Forest, Inbetween Days, The Same Deep Water As You
Prayers For Rain, Disintegration
Lullaby, Close To Me, Lets Go to Bed
Why Can't I be You, Hot Hot Hot
A Strange Day, Accuracy, Three Imaginary Boys
It's Not you, Boys Don't Cry
Homesick, Untitled

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